PVEW-4000-1/2 Package 10 piecesNVALVEFilter Regulator, 4000 Filter+Regulator: PVEW with overflow Body size: 4000. Port size: Thread G1/2. Manometer : Thread G1/4. Manometer type: Bar, included. Base Part: aluminum. Colour black and silver. Bowl: Polycarbonate. Colour transparent. Bowl protection: Option Drain type: Manual. Mounting bracket: Type PVB220, included. Working pressure 0 tot 10 Bar. Maximum pressure 15 Bar. Pressure adjusting range: 0,5 Bar till 8,5 Bar Medium: Clean air. Temperature: 5C till 60C. Flow: 4000L /minute based on 7,1 Bar supply pressure and 5,1 Bar set pressure. Filter precision: 25 micron. (5 micron option) This air source treatment unit can be applied independently without lubricator, but can be applied in combination with a lubricator. For detailed specification en sizes see PDF files. 250,80RoboPos b2b site