PVER-2000-1/8 Package 10 piecesNVALVERegulator, 550 Liter/ mRegulator: PVER with overflow. Body size: 2000. Port size: Thread G1/8. Manometer : Thread G1/8. Manometer type: Bar, included. Base Part: aluminum. Colour black and silver. Mounting bracket: Type PVB220, included. Working pressure 0 till 10 Bar. Maximum pressure 15 Bar. Pressure adjusting range: 0,5 Bar till 8,5 Bar Medium: Clean air. Temperature: 5C till 60C. Flow: 550 L/minute based on 7,1 Bar supply pressure and 5,1 Bar set pressure. This air source treatment unit can be applied independently without filter or lubricator, but can be applied in combination with a filter or lubricator. For detailed specification en sizes see PDF files. 79,90RoboPos b2b site